my work

On a mission to build products developers love, and along the way, teach the next generation of developers. Here's a summary of my work so far.


VP of Product

I joined Vercel early to grow Next.js and our developer community. I built our Developer Relations team to teach our community about our products.

  • In 2021, I was promoted to Director of DevRel. We translated customer pain back into the product roadmap. We spoke at conferences, wrote blog posts, and created videos. We built open-source examples and contributed back to the product.
  • In 2022, I was promoted to VP of Developer Experience, now also leading our product documentation team. My team created a new free course to teach Next.js, which had 17 million page views that year. I shipped. I partnered with our open-source community, collaborating with frameworks like Nuxt and Astro and sponsoring individuals and projects.
  • In 2023, I was promoted to VP of Product, now also leading Product Management.

Since I joined Vercel in 2020, Next.js active developers have grown 1000%, now at ~900k. Next.js is now a top 10 software project on GitHub with 122k stars. It's used by Walmart, ChatGPT, Starbucks, Okta, Datastax, Notion, and more.


Senior Software Engineer, 2018 — 2020

Hy-Vee, an almost 100-year-old grocery chain in the United States, wanted to build a new version of their digital storefront. I joined a team of product engineers working across web and mobile to rebuild their legacy .NET application (~500k MAU) with React and React Native.

On the frontend, I led our move from a custom webpack and React configuration to Next.js and the latest React patterns. In the process, I shared my learnings online, helping educate members of the React and Next.js community by creating courses.

Throughout my two years, I was able to work on some hard problems: decoupling a decade old monolith into microservices, working with a federated GraphQL API, learning and occasionally managing a Kubernetes cluster, building and implementing a design system, incrementally migrating individual components and routes to a new framework and infrastructure, and more.


Software Engineer, 2015 — 2018

Workiva ($WK) is a cloud platform for data reporting and compliance. During my time at Workiva, I gained my first production experience using React. I worked on tooling to help predict and alert and regressions in our SaaS platform, building a product similar to open-source tools like Sentry.